Ep-6 Building an Alpha Audience For Your Brand (with Brain Cristiano)

Share this Podcast In this episode I talk with Brian Cristiano, CEO of Bold Worldwide, about the importance of storytelling and connecting with your audience in a real and authentic way. Brian talks about the importance of organizations adapting to the tech and communication changes that are rapidly taking place and then leveraging them. Connect with Brian Cristiano here: Facebook, … Read More

EP-5 Building Brand Loyalty (with Nicholas Reed)

Share this Podcast In this episode I sit down with Nicholas Reed of 253 Media (in Bidwell Park!) to discuss the importance of leveraging social media within and for your organization. Nic shares practical ways to build that donor base and retain customers; as well as practical tips on sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram: @nreed253 253 Media: Instagram: … Read More

EP-4 The Power of Asking (with Carl Wilkens)

In this episode, I sit down with Carl Wilkens, the only American to stay in Rwanda when the horrific genocide was launched in 1994. Carl now speaks and educates around the globe through his organization World Outside My Shoes. World Outside My Shoes is an organization that is committed to inspiring and equipping people to stand up against genocide, racism, … Read More

EP-3 Launching a Startup That is About People

In this podcast I got to talk with serial entrepreneur Jeff Tatarchuk. From creating and selling skim boards to opening a thrift store, to launching a CrossFit gym, Jeff has launched his ventures with the focus being about making a positive impact in people lives. One of Jeff’s latest ventures was creating the Fruition Lab, a conference held to bring … Read More

EP-2 Saving Moms and Babies by Starting a Non-Profit (with Lisa Cordova)

Share this Podcast In this episode, I sit down with Lisa Cordova and dialog about the importance of having a clear through-line with your mission work and non-profit. She talks about the power of networking to not only build your organization but leverage it with people and groups you are trying to serve, even using Facebook. Lisa gives some practical … Read More

EP-1 Relationships vs. Content w/ C.J. Reynolds

Share this Podcast In this podcast I had the rad opportunity to speak with CJ Reynolds: family man, English teacher extraordinaire, and YouTube Vlogger. He shares his unique journey of discovering and embracing his mission and passion for life. We talked about leveraging YouTube and practical ways to becoming more impactful within your circle of influence. Note: We connected because … Read More

What Is Your Mission?

This feeling comes from a place of dissatisfaction with your current path of life. You might have a good life but something is missing. Can you relate? Have you ever noticed when you tap into your empathetic side and help mankind in any capacity, you feel a sense of fulfillment? That deep joy seems to spring forth when you are part of … Read More

Conversation: The Currency of Engagement


Engagement has become quite the marketing buzz word. The marketing chieftains says if you want customer retention or to build your donor base you need to engage with your audience. What does that mean though? Is engagement simply giving a thumbs up on Facebook, or a doubling tap on Instagram? Is engagement giving a reply to a question on Twitter? … Read More

Anchor: The Most Important Platform This Year

Engagement comes in many forms – the most authentic being face to face. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are the big giants of engagement, which have been defined by text, photo, and video communication. They are linear. Many conversations take place on these platforms, the problem I find, typically it is a one sided conversation. Conversations that revolve around type lacks … Read More

Non Perishable Stock Options

Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. Proverbs 3:13-14 There seems to be a number of verses that stand out to me in this chapter as it can relate to business, the work force, and … Read More